Tote bag / Checker Bag  “Cherry”


Checker bag designed from high quality Italian leather.
Unique and modern design, combination of two colors:
dark blue and cherry color – red.
The specificity of the model is reflected in a simple line / design, a spacious and practical model in which you can pack many things.
The handles are positioned parallel, which allows for carrying on the shoulder or in the hand. The strength and thickness of the handles makes it allows you to not feel discomfort or pressure when carrying heavier things.
The model gives off a line of elegance, but also retains a sporty character.
A necessaire bag is positioned inside the entire width of the bag, fastened with a metal zipper.
Combination of two types of leather: buffalo, beef.

Height: 36 cm.
Width: 41cm
Bottom: 30×13cm.
Dimensions of the necessaire bag: 39×25 cm

The checker bag offers the possibility of carrying it for many occasions such as going shopping, working or going on a trip.

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